PEGASEM is specialised in high precision measurement of distance and speed of land vehicles. From these basic measurements we calculate acceleration, deceleration performance and slip data utilizing real time processing.  Our products are designed for the harsh environments, typical in testing vehicles.  A newly designed family of sensors and data aquisition units attest to our vast experience in designing vehicle test equipments.  Our customers benefit from our

   Excellent Quality
   Quick and Easy Mounting Method and the
   Good Price / Performance Ratio

Visit our home page to get an overview of our product range. For data sheets and brochures please send us a request per e-mail or fax.  We will send you our CD-ROM with most informative short videos, showing the main features of our products. Please, consult us if you are  looking for special variants or features.  It may already exists, or we may be able to adopt one for you quickly.

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