5th-Wheel Mounting System

The PEGASEM FMS Mounting System has been designed for the carefree attachment of our measurement wheels to various kinds of vehicles. It is used mainly for mounting the wheels behind passenger cars or under trucks. The mounting options preserve the wheel’s important reversing ability. The mounting system is also suitable for fastening other test equipment e.g. non-contact speed and height sensors or mobile light barriers for triggering various test equipment.

Mounting Options:


Trailer Hitch Adapter
This adapter was designed for cars with a ball shaped trailer hitch. The adapter’s special form and large fastening handle enables very firm attachment to the trailer hitch without using additional tools. A moveable fork is pushed over the neck of the hitch to prevent the adapter from skewing on the ball. The integrated PEGASEM-P-Lock Bolts enable quick connection and disconnection of the measuring wheel while the adapter stays attached to the vehicle. The adapter’s stainless steel construction ensures that corrosion problems are avoided, even in heavy-duty applications.
Clamp Kit for the Towing Lug
The towing lugs on passenger cars provide an excellent base for the attachment of the PEGASEM wheel. Because lugs differ from one vehicle to another, we provide a Clamp Kit with all the necessary parts to fit either fixed lugs or removable lugs. In most cases, the tailgate can still be opened with a mounted fifth wheel. Like the Trailer Hitch Adapter, all parts are made of stainless steel. The PEGASEM P-Lock Bolts enable the quick connection and disconnection of the measuring equipment. The transportation case that houses the fifth wheel also carries the elements of the Clamp Kit.
H-Adapters with Suction Cup Holders
This H-shaped set of bars and joints is used with a minimum of four suction cups and is an extremely versatile fastening solution. The holders, with integrated ball joints, adapt well to the heavily cambered surfaces of modern cars. The H-adapter enables the fifth wheel to be mounted at the side or behind a vehicle. An even stronger attachment is achieved using more than four suction cups. Even if one cup should lose its vacuum, the device will still be held secure. Suction cups can be easily combined with magnetic holders for improved security on frozen car surfaces during winter tests.
2" Square Clamp
On the US market, 2" wide trailer hitch receivers are very common. The PEGASEM 2" Square Clamp is strongly mounted into the rectangular receiver and secured with a lock pin. This gives a removable, yet highly stable, and rattle-free connection to the vehicle. It is made of stainless steel and equipped with PEGASEM P-Lock Bolts for fast connection and disconnection of the fifth wheel.
Flange Adapter
Most truck chassis have several free holes suitable for mounting the fifth wheel. We offer plates and flanges for most common hole patterns. Together with standard aluminium bars and profiles, and the PEGASEM P-Lock bolts, a firm connection can easily be obtained.
Tube and Rod Adapter
Some trucks and off-road vehicles may have tubular side and rear safety bars. The PEGASEM Tube and Rod Adapter can be clamped onto these bars. The inner flats are rubber coated to protect the bars. The adapters come with aluminium profiles and the PEGASEM P-Lock Bolts.
Customised Adapters
On some vehicles a special connection may be necessary so that a fifth wheel can be easily fitted. We can provide profiles, and flange plates with P-Lock Bolts to suit these connections. This offers an individual mounting solution without sacrificing the fast connection feature of the fifth wheel. On request we also manufacture customised adapters. Please contact our factory and send a sketch or drawing of what you require.


Download Datasheet: PDF, 175KB