Non-Contact Rotary Transducer for Sensor Signals

A rotary transformer transfers energy and setup data to the rotating section of the unit while measurement data is sent back to the stationary section through a high speed infrared transmission line. Because of the PEGASEM WST’s ability to substitute mechanical sliprings in many applications, it is also called a Non-Contact Slipring Transducer. Because the WST does not use mechanical contacts, better transfer quality and extra long life are achieved compared with classic sliprings, even under harsh environmental conditions. Yet, the overall price of the WST is very competitive.

-          Designed for shaft-end mounting
-          Two or four analogue measuring channels
-          Programmable Amplifiers for Strain Gauges or Thermo Couples (K-type)
-          Programmable Offset Compensation
-          5 VDC Power Supply capable of driving for 4 bridges (350 Ohm -type or higher)
-          Two or four voltage outputs ( 4.192 VDC, 12 bit)
-          Maximum bandwidth 5 kHz per channel
-          Long Term Rotational Speed up to 3000 revolutions per minute
-          High durability and lifetime by non-contact signal transmission
-          Optional pulse output with 128 or 1024 pulses per rev.
-          Optional voltage output for revolution speed
-          Waterproof housing according to IP65


-          Brake Disk Temperature Sensing
          Vehicle ABS Testing
          Vehicle ESP Testing
          Torque Measurement on rotating parts
          Power Train Measurements

Download Datasheet: PDF, 258KB